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Picture for a friend

2009-11-11 21:20:31 by Minkey2279

I'm finally putting up a picture of myself from a request of a good friend of mine. Unfortunately the most recent picture I have of myself is from Halloween last year but here it is. Since then I've taken off a few pounds and grew my hair out.

Picture for a friend

Today I'm proud to announce the release of the new album by Breaking Benjamin, an amazing album by the name of Dear Mercy. All of the songs are posted on YouTube and I can't wait until I can run to the store to buy it. Until then here is my favorite song of the new CD thus far: Hopeless

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Time to Demotivate!

2009-09-28 21:41:02 by Minkey2279

I got bored one day and made my own demotivational poster. Tell me what you think of it.

Time to Demotivate!

which way did it go George?

2009-06-22 14:33:46 by Minkey2279

Okay... For some reason the art portal isn't working for me and I can't access any art submissions including my own. Is anybody else here having that problem as well?


2009-06-19 10:58:03 by Minkey2279

It's about time! After much waiting and much more boredom, newgrounds has finally made a art section that doesn't require you to tediously look through the forums. Though I know full well that in about a week the majority of its contents are going to be penuses and naked ladies, but still it's a good addition.

My 16th birthday

2009-03-11 18:53:57 by Minkey2279

Hey guys, I'm am now officially 16, it's great thus far. I really like my one gift... A BRAND NEW TABLET!!!!!!

So what's been up with you guys?

I've done it!

2009-01-19 21:11:08 by Minkey2279

After trying for so long, I have finally made myself a user icon. After trying about 100 times before, and the best part is, I technically made it myself. The image isn't mine, but I did some cropping and resizing with good old photoshop. Well enough about me, how are you guys doing?

Merry Belated Christmas

2008-12-26 10:22:28 by Minkey2279

I would like to wish you all a Merry christmas (Well all of you that celebrate that is). I had a good christmas yesterday and I got some pretty good games too. How was yours?

Oh, and I won that writing contest that I mentioned last time.

Bad news for me.

2008-11-10 18:11:02 by Minkey2279

My computer crashed a couple days ago. I have lost all of my animations, all of my programs, and worst of all Flash CS3 itself. So now I can't animate for a little bit, so now all projects are on hold until further notice.

On the brighter side I joined an international writing contest called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Where I have to write a 50,000 word story at the minimum by month's end if I win, they will help me publish it ^_^. Are any of you signed up for it? It's free here's the link:


2008-09-28 09:13:30 by Minkey2279

They are officially now my favorite band.

So yesterday I was just looking up video's on Youtube and found this really awesome one made using scenes from Black Hawk Down for the song M.I.A. It was made by a person called Kiran015 he is great and I saw some his other video's but I'll save you the time of looking for them by just putting them on the page.

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And he had another for Gunslinger, so I'll put that too

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And the rest of his vids I haven't watched but I'm sure they are equally awesome

(sorry, no pic for you!)